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Saturday, September 22nd, 1-3PM


Waukesha County Expo Center
1000 Northview Rd.
Waukesha, WI 53188


Emcee: Charlie Sykes, 620 WTMJ Radio
Special Guest: Senator Ron Johnson
Guest Economist: Steven Moore, WSJ and Fox News contributor
Special Guest: Joseph Bast, Heartland Institute President
Business Leaders Testimonials
Plan to Win Back America
Closing Remarks

Additional agenda items to be announced


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 Charter bus accommodations arebeing organized.  Be certain to indicate your interest in taking a charter bus to the event during registration.

A motorcycle ride to the event is being organized.  Be certain to indicate your interest in participating in the ride during registration.

Yes, we did build it!



U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Powerpoint Presentation

Wall Street Journal and Fox News Economist Stephen Moore Powerpoint Presentation


Opening Ceremonies Video

Systems Engineering President Ken Dragotta Video

Wisconsin Stamping Employee Video

Wisconsin Stamping Presentation Video

Maynard Steel Employee Video

Maynard Steel Presentation Video

ClarCorp Industrial Sales Employee Video

ClarCorp Industrial Sales Presentation Video

Job Creators Solutions Trailer Video

Job Creators Solutions Presentation Video

Wisconsin Lieutentant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch Video

Economist Stephen Moore Video

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson Video

Heartland Institute President Joseph Bast Video

U.S. Senator Ron Johnson




It is no surprise that the first American Revolution was led by independent business people like Samuel Adams. Large corporations such as the East India Company were too economically important to the throne and were protected. The brunt of new taxes and regulations fell squarely on the shoulders of colonial small business people. Adams sounded the alarm not simply based on current taxes and regulations but what would happen if the trend continued unabated.

Current conditions bear a striking resemblance to those of the first American Revolution. The president and his supporters tell outright lies and use sweeping, "king-like" powers to fundamentally change the the laws of the land.  They insinuate that honest, hard-working, risk-taking entrepreneurs and businesspeople "didn't build that" and use it as a pretext to extort ever larger sums for redistribution to the king's cronies.

The time has come for a new, well-mannered American Revolution, one that demands honest representation and an end to the lies, waste, corruption and theft of property by outright taking or regulation that have become the calling cards of these new and would-be kings.

Once again, it must be led by those damaged the most, the economic lifeblood of our country, the small business person. This revolution will not be fought with muskets but with elections. If business as we know it is to survive, we must become adept at winning elections.  Sadly, this self-evident fact of life has been widely ignored.  We believe we have developed a foolproof plan to win the overwhelming majority of elections.

Wisconsin has been identified as a primary battleground in this new revolution and has attracted significant national attention. We must supply leadership to manage and grow the budding revolution that has produced leaders like U.S. Senator Ron Johnson, Governor Scott Walker, and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan. These bold and visionary leaders need strong and organized support to counter and defeat our ideological competition, support that only the business community can provide.  In order to implement our shared vision for the future of America they need the assurance that can remain in office and, moreover, to rise to higher office in order to finish what they started.

Join us to discover and participate in the new and innovative plan that will make this happen!

This is a free and private event specifically for businesspeople and their employees.  Seating is limited and reservations are required for reasons of security and logistics.  Register today!

Emcee Charlie Sykes
Host of Midday with Charlie Sykes Talk Show
620 WTMJ Radio

Terms and Conditions

This is a private event. Holding a ticket does not guarantee entry nor a right to attend the event. The event organizers retain the right to deny entry or remove attendees without cause. Behavior deemed disruptive or inappropriate by the event organizers may also result in removal from the event and/or prosecution for trespass and disorderly conduct.

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