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Chemtrail Spraying over Wisconsin farmlands and waterways.
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Posted: 10/28/2011 7:51:33 PM

Hello everyone,
I was told about this site by a friend involved in the political scene from Eau Claire. I posted a video taken by me on my Facebook page regarding what I think is a major health risk to our citizens. That being chemtrails. I have been watching our skies since the spring of ''11. I am a rural mail carrier for the Fall Creek Post Office. I spend around 30 hours a day driving my route out in the great outdoors. I take my camera with me on a daily basis to document the trails I see over my route area. Lately (couple weeks) the spraying has been very heavy and I am experiencing sore throat, and breathing difficulty. Many others in the US and other NATO countries have been posting pictures and videos of their own. Is there any way we can get the flight plans of these planes?? I would like to know where they come from and what they are spraying and why!! Aluminum oxide, barium and strontium have been found in water and air samples. These can cause serious health issues. I want some answers regarding this matter and was hoping you could be of assistance to me. Starting a group maybe to take action with our State Reps and Senators. What do you think? I have an appointment with my Dr. and hopefully will have a blood test to find out what I''m inhaling.

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