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Press Releases


ATU Voices Oppostion to Trolley
Head of the International Amalgamated Transit Union has added his voice to the growing call to Stop the Trollwy Madness!  You can read his strongly-worded letter to the Milwaukee Common Council.

ATU Letter
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See our list of good places to get signatures
One of the top questions we get is "Where are good places to get signatures?" That answer to that is bsed largely upon whether you want to limit circulating to people you know or expand it to the virtually limitless potential among people you may not know or may not know well. ... more >>

New Petition Deadline Date February 8th
Due to courageous work by alderman supporting out petition cause, we anticpate another delay in Coummn Council action until February 10th.  Accordingly, the new deadline for turning in petitions is February 8th.  However, we are calling for any completed petitions to be turned in soon so we can get an accurate count.  CLICK HERE to locate one of our petition drop-off locations near you or mail petitions to

CRG Network
PO Box 371086
Milwaukee, WI 53237
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OpenSky a Dangerous and Expensive Failure
CRG will hold a press conference at City Hall on Thursday, June 1st at 10:30AM to report on the findings of their investigation of the OpenSky police radio system that continues to fail after 7 years and millions in expenditures due to political and adminstrative incompetence.  Over 240 police reports detailing the failures, including many life or death situations, are cataloged at ... more >>

DA Investigates Illegal Blog Use
The Milwaukee County DA is seizing the computer of Milwaukee County employee and prolific liberal blogger Chris Liebenthal based on a complaint from CRG Network that he has been making blog posts on county time.  See more at ... more >>

County Phonelines Jammed!
The volume of taxpayer calls is overwhelming the county board switchboard.  If you are having a problem calling your supervisor their direct lines are listed here.  Keep those calls coming!  The VETO vote is tomorrow! ... more >>


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