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Press Releases


OpenSky a Dangerous and Expensive Failure
CRG will hold a press conference at City Hall on Thursday, June 1st at 10:30AM to report on the findings of their investigation of the OpenSky police radio system that continues to fail after 7 years and millions in expenditures due to political and adminstrative incompetence.  Over 240 police reports detailing the failures, including many life or death situations, are cataloged at ... more >>

DA Investigates Illegal Blog Use
The Milwaukee County DA is seizing the computer of Milwaukee County employee and prolific liberal blogger Chris Liebenthal based on a complaint from CRG Network that he has been making blog posts on county time.  See more at ... more >>

County Phonelines Jammed!
The volume of taxpayer calls is overwhelming the county board switchboard.  If you are having a problem calling your supervisor their direct lines are listed here.  Keep those calls coming!  The VETO vote is tomorrow! ... more >>

News Update - 11/14/2009
meetingCounty Board Passes 3.8% Property Tax Increase - Sets Stage for Spending Veto Showdown.  Join Scott Walker, James T. Harris, Vicki McKenna Sat, 11/14, Italian Community Center,1-3PM.  Send a message to the county board! Click for more info.

meetingMonday, Nov 9th: County Board votes on budget today - CALL YOUR SUPERVISOR 278-4222, Call now to defeat WHEEL TAX, TRIPLING OF SALES TAX, PROPERTY TAX INCREASE, MILLIONS IN DOMESTIC PARTNER BENEFITS. Click here for more contact info.

meetingMilwaukee County Board schedules Annual Public Meeting, Monday, Nov 2, 7PM to discuss ways to raise raise taxes and spending!  Click here for more.

meetingPublic Meeting on Milwaukee Rental Inspection Scheme, Oct 27th, 9AM, City Hall. Click here for more.

Taxpayer Super Rally, Nov 14th 1-3PM, Stay-tuned for the secret location!

jeop-party Bone up on the County budget for the Super Rally and get ready to play
Milwaukee County is in JEOP-PARTY!

Listen to Latest Halloween Radio Ad 

... more >>

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